• EA-1022

    Round Garnets 9.90mm (7.90cts/tw) with 4 Round White Diamonds (0.20cts/tw).

  • NCK-889

    Emerald cut Bi-color Tourmaline 26x5mm (4.80cts) with 61 Round White Diamonds (0.33cts/tw)

  • EA-0991

    Emerald cut Yellow Beryls (16.13cts/tw) with 8 Round Black Diamonds (0.09cts/tw) and 20 Round White Diamonds (0.27cts/tw)

  • NCK-843

    Round Green Tourmaline 9mm (2.02cts)

  • G-214

    Oval Rhodolite Garnet (10.26cts/tw)

  • NCK-798

    Trapezoid shape Black Opal 38x22mm (30.19cts) with a bullet shape Tanzanite (1.18cts) and 1 princess cut White Diamond (0.27cts) The Opal is from...