• G-211

    Rhodolite Garnet with Pink Sapphires and Rubies

  • G-200

    Oval Tsavorite Garnet (3.26cts) with Peridots, Tsavorite Garnets, and Green Tourmalines

  • O-100

    Mexican Fire Opal (1.24cts) with White Diamonds (0.40cts/tw)

  • CHY-45

    Cushion Chrysoberyl (2.29cts) with 2 Yellow Diamonds (1.39cts/tw)

  • S-189

    Blue Sapphire (3.94cts) with White Diamonds (0.65cts/tw) and Black Ceramic Bands   Part of our 'Sticks and Stones' Collection

  • A-090

    Oval Amethyst (4.87cts) with 8 Round White Diamonds (0.06cts/tw)