• NCK-767

    Cushion Aquamarine Cabochon 25x20x13mm (44.98cts) with 4 Straight Baguette White Diamonds (0.54cts/tw)

  • NCK-676

    16-17mm Aquamarine Beads

  • NCK-791

    Oval Aquamarine 25x20mm (32.47cts/tw) with 1 Princess cut White Diamond (0.21cts).

  • NCK-764

    Pear shape Aquamarine 30x20mm (54.95cts) with 7 round blue sapphires (0.75cts/tw) and 1 square cut blue sapphire cabochon (1.37cts)

  • NCK-525-C

    Pear shape Aquamarine (12.83cts) with 1 Indicolite Tourmaline (0.31cts), and 5 Blue Zircon(0.77cts/tw)

  • NCK-640

    Pear shape Aquamarine Cabochon (19.19cts) with 1 Moonstone (1.45cts/tw)