• G-176

    2 Pear-shape Garnets (1.41cts/tw) with 15 Round Multi-color Garnets (2.17cts/tw)


  • FS-67

    Cushion Unheated Purple Sapphire (8.36cts) with 12 Oval Pink Spinels (2.05cts/tw) and 24 Round Red Spinels (1.47cts/tw)  SOLD

  • P-51

    Oval Peridot (6.70cts) with 6 Round Blue Sapphires (1.79cts/tw) and 6 Pear-shape Garnets (1.80cts/tw)


  • PT-088

    Oval Rubellite Tourmaline (17.15cts) with Pink Spinels (3.36cts/tw) and Red Sapphires (5.13cts/tw)            ...

  • AQ-77

    Oval Aquamarine (3.37cts) with 16 Round Blue Zircons (2.57cts/tw) and 18 Round White Diamonds (0.48cts/tw)


  • G-200

    Oval Tsavorite Garnet (3.26cts) with Peridots, Tsavorite Garnets, and Green Tourmalines