• NCK-766

    Indicolite Tourmaline cabochon 9.13x13.41x26.00mm (22.14cts) with 4 Straight Baguette Diamonds (0.31cts/tw)

  • NCK-889

    Emerald cut Bi-color Tourmaline 26x5mm (4.80cts) with 61 Round White Diamonds (0.33cts/tw)

  • NCK-691

    Pear-shape Pink Tourmaline (47.95cts), with 3 Round Pink Spinels (0.32cts/tw), and 21 Round White Diamonds (0.29cts/tw)

  • NCK-844

    Round Pink Tourmaline 9mm (1.73cts)

  • NCK-827

    Cushion Green Tourmaline 21.0x17.0x9.7mm (24.27cts) with 1 Triangle cut Yellow Sapphire 6.75x6.75mm (1.21cts) and 5 Round White Diamonds (0.39cts/tw)

  • NCK-843

    Round Green Tourmaline 9mm (2.02cts)