26.53 Carat Faceted Golden Chrysoberyl Oval, Unset Pendant Collector Gemstone

SKU 26.53 Carat Faceted Golden Chrysoberyl Oval
Of all the brilliant yellow gemstones in the ancient world, there is a reason the Greeks named this one after the word for "golden." Faceted chrysoberyl in its finest crystalline form like this spectacular 26.54 carat oval is a sight to behold. A lesser known cousin of cat's eye and alexandrite chrysoberyl, this brilliant, chardonnay colored gem is eye clean and has extremely high luster, radiating almost blinding bright golden yellow flashes. It measures 21.48 x 18.24 x 13.50 millimeters with a checkerboard faceting style that affords this gemstone endless sparkle. This magnificent example of faceted chrysoberyl checks all the boxes of a collector quality gem with its splendid color and brilliance!

Custom designs available.
We have a large collection of faceted chrysoberyl in our inventory. Please inquire for details.

Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may appear magnified by photography.