5.20 Carat Paraiba Tourmaline Pear GIA, Diamond White Gold Bezel Pendant

This exquisite necklace features an extremely fine, neon blue paraiba tourmaline the color of Windex! Paraiba tourmalines are extremely rare; gems of this fine color and clarity are exceedingly so. This paraiba tourmaline is accented with brilliant white diamonds in an original 18k white gold setting custom-designed by our Master Jeweler in Switzerland. This gem is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Report #2151860878, which states that this tourmaline is the copper and manganese bearing variety known as "paraiba" in the trade. Multi-strand, 18k white gold chain included.

5-strand, 18k white gold chain measures 16 inches
Paraiba tourmaline, 14.02 x 8.14mm, 5.20 carats
Round brilliant cut diamonds, 1.90 carat total