36.00 Carats Rubellite Tourmaline & Amethyst 18k Yellow Gold Earrings SOLD

Matched pairs of cabochons of this size, color and clarity are seldom seen! Two giant (25x13mm/36.00 carats total), super fine quality rubellite tourmaline cabochons are featured in these earrings. They are a mouthwatering deep raspberry color that looks like transparent hard candy. Sparkly purple amethysts (7mm/2.44 carats total) accent and contrast with the rubellite tourmalines. measuring 7mm and weighing 2.44 carats in total. These beautiful, one-of-a-kind, earrings are truly collection worthy. They make a bold statement in color and contrast, yet they are simple in design. Handmade with care by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles in 18k yellow gold. Guaranteed to turn heads!

                                   EA-1119  SOLD