Rhodolite Garnet & Pink Tourmaline, Gold Tennis Bracelet, 70.92 Carats Total

SKU BR-170
This handmade 18k white and rose gold tennis bracelet features luscious rhodolite garnets and bright pink tourmalines weighing just over 70 carats total! 18k rose gold was chosen to accentuate the vivid rhodolite garnets (aptly named by the Greek meaning "rose"," and bright, white gold was chosen to highlight the delicate cherry blossom color of the pink tourmaline. The pink tourmalines have been faceted in a unique checkerboard style, giving them brilliant life and sparkle. A few of the tourmalines have hints of green flashes due to the nature of this material which sometimes exhibits 2 colors, referred to as "bi-colored" in the world of colored gemstones. Handcrafted by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles, this bracelet also comes complete with a hidden safety latch for added security. Such a sophisticated and elegant bouquet of rich reds and elegant pinks - for yourself or someone special in your life!

Bracelet measures just under 7.50 inches in length
9 oval rhodolite garnets, 12 x 10mm, 54.72 carats total
9 round pink tourmalines, 8mm, 16.20 carats total