16.46 Carat Tanzanite Pear, Loose Gemstone for Pendant or Necklace Enhancer

SKU 16.46 Carat Tanzanite Pear
This 16.46 carat pear shaped tanzanite makes quite a statement! Ever since Tiffany & Co introduced tanzanite to the world over 50 years ago, demand for this gorgeous purplish blue gem has remained high. Even so, gem quality large stones are not easy to come by, especially in such a well-saturated, classic color as this. This beautiful pear shape measures 20.66 x 14.32 x 8.12 millimeters, has the face up appearance of a larger stone, and is exceptionally clean. It would make a magnificent heirloom pendant - the possibilities are endless!

Custom designs available. We have a large selection of unmounted tanzanites in our inventory. Please inquire for details.