4.01 Carat Tanzanite Oval, Unset Loose 3-Stone Engagement Ring Pendant Gemstone

SKU 4.01 Carat Tanzanite Oval
This 4.01 gem is easily recognizable as tanzanite - one of the world's most popular and sought after precious stones. With an intense yet bright, vivid purplish blue color and extraordinary clarity, this is definitely a "WOW" stone with excellent luster and breath-taking brilliance. Measuring 11.00 x 8.04 x 6.60 millimeters, this gem has been beautifully faceted to exacting proportions and will make a stunning piece of jewelry. This is a "buy it now and wear it forever" gem!

Custom designs available. We have a large selection of unmounted tanzanites in our inventory. Please inquire for details.