54.72 Carat Garnet and Pink Tourmaline 18k White Rose Gold Bracelet

Large, gem-quality rhodolite garnets and bright, beautifully faceted pink tourmalines shine in this substantial, handmade, straight-line bracelet. The bracelet was made in Los Angeles with expert craftsmanship rarely seen today. The attention to detail is evident by the use of two colors of gold. 18k rose gold accentuates the vivid rosy pinkish-red of the garnets, and white gold highlights the bright cherry blossom color of the pink tourmaline. A rosy bouquet that will never fade!

Bracelet length is 7-1/4 inches
9 oval rhodolite garnets, 12 x 10mm, 54.72 carat total
9 round pink tourmalines, 8mm, 16.20 carat total