• Peridot Ring

    Pear-shape Peridot (8.37cts) with 6 Round White Diamonds   P-44


  • Peridot Ring

    Velvety grass green Peridot (12.15x10.71mm/5.70cts) and brilliant cut White Diamonds (0.20cts tw) are set in this one-of-a-kind, beautifully worked...


  • Peridot Ring

    It's so easy being green. Wear this citron colored Peridot with anything. The Peridot (13.30x11.20mm/9.24cts) is clean and brilliant, set in a...


  • Peridot Garnet Ring

    Wow! What an exciting color pairing of Peridot (12.77x10.14mm/6.77cts) and Rhodolite Garnet (7x5mm/2.78cts tw)! The extraordinary cut of the Peridot...


  • Peridot Ring

    Emerald cut peridot, 10.41cts/tw (17.19x8.47x7.40mm), 2 emerald cut zircon, 8.37cts/tw ( 10.00x7.00mm)            ...


  • Peridot Ring

    Oval Peridot (6.70cts) with 6 Round Blue Sapphires (1.79cts/tw) and 6 Pear-shape Garnets (1.80cts/tw)    P-51