8.61 Carat Total, Tsavorite Garnet Pair, GIA, Unset Ring or Earring Gemstones

This pair of large, oval, intense green tsavorite garnets is extremely rare! Weighing 8.61 carats combined, these exceptionally well-matched gems possess a bright, vivid, pure green hue. They are beautifully proportioned and eye clean. Their superior brilliance and luster makes them bright enough to be mounted with prongs or bezels. Accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Reports #2175730778 and #2173730769, these top-quality tsavorites would make exquisite heirloom earrings! Custom designs available.

Tsavorite oval, 11.27 x 8.79 x 5.26mm, 4.06 carat 

Tsavorite oval, 11.44 x 8.82 x 5.89mm, 4.54 carats