25.50 ct. Peony Kunzite Cushion, Unset Loose Pendant Enhancer Collector Gemstone SOLD

While kunzite is no stranger to gemstone aficionados, many may not have seen large, gem quality kunzites of ideal color outside of museums, trade shows, or specialty jewelry stores. Named after George F. Kunz, Chief Gemologist for Tiffany & Co. in the early 1900's, crystalline pink kunzite is a sight to see. This is a large, 25.50 carat fine kunzite that has a bright, pure pink cherry blossom hue, superior brilliance and excellent clarity. It has an exceptional cut offering dazzling light return. Measuring 19.35 x 15.23 x 10.91 millimeters, this is a stunning gem for a collection, or can be set as an elegant evening pendant. You'll fall in love with this pink beauty!

Custom designs available.
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