14.43 Carat Sphene, Octagonal Cut, Rare Loose Gemstone

SKU 14.43 Carat Sphene, Octagonal Cut
Sphene is an unusual gemstone for the true connoisseur. Known for its impressive "doubling" visual effect and "dispersion," (the ability to split white light into a rainbow of colors), this striking stone is rarely seen outside of trade shows and textbooks. This 14.43 carat octagonal sphene is well-proportioned and exceptionally lively due to its modified brilliant facets. It has a rich green color with spectacular rainbow dispersion and is eye clean with pronounced doubling. The very minor eye visible inclusions do not detract from its beauty or impressive display of visual effects. Measuring 16.92 x 12.55 x 7.68 millimeters, this is a stately stone worthy of a collector's display or unique piece of jewelry!

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