2.03 ct Spessartite Garnet Trillion, Unset Loose Pendant Necklace Ring Gemstone

This trillion shaped spessartite garnet has a beautiful orange color and is extremely lively! Measuring 7.73 x 7.52 x 7.51 millimeters (measured in the way the height of a triangle is measured in geometry), with a depth of 4.52 millimeters, this is an extremely brilliant, well-proportioned trillion whose shape would make a beautiful pendant. This gem has a bright, slightly golden orange color and lots of fiery sparkle. Weighing 2.03 carats, it is the perfect size for a necklace or ring that can be worn everyday, with the brilliance of a gem that can be worn for special occasions. A vibrant gemstone for a vibrant "someone special" - like you!

Custom designs available.
We have a large selection of unmounted garnets in our inventory. Please inquire for details.