Pink Tourmaline and Amethyst 18K Yellow Gold Scalloped Design Tennis Bracelet

SKU BR-108

This "grown up girl" bracelet features bright purple amethysts and pastel pink tourmalines that are each large enough to be center stones in rings! A visibly striking color combination in our very own, unique 18k yellow gold bracelet design. The tourmalines are the color of fresh, flowering sweet peas and some even have a hint of green! An unusual checkerboard faceting style gives these gems spectacular brilliance and life. Paired with crystalline amethysts the color of violets, each sparkling gem has been set in a gorgeous scalloped basket handcrafted of bright 18k yellow gold. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry, showcasing fine quality gems and artisan attention to style and design. It is magnificent when viewed from both the sides and from above, has a unique hook and latch clasp, and a safety chain for added security. Elegant and versatile, this would be a gorgeous finishing touch for any outfit and is sure to put a smile on the wearer’s face!

Bracelet measures 7 inches in length

8 pink tourmalines, 10.00 x 8.00mm, 20.83 carats total

7 amethysts, 7.00mm, 12.54 carats total