23.76 Carat Faceted Chartreuse Chrysoberyl Oval, Loose Pendant Necklace Gemstone

SKU 23.76 Carat Faceted Chartreuse Chrysoberyl Oval
Faceted crystalline chrysoberyl, while less famous than its cat's eye and alexandrite cousins, can still be a head-turning beauty when it looks like this 23.76 carat gem! This sizable gemstone is bright gold in color with a warm, greenish olive tint on the ends. Faceted to exacting proportions with excellent symmetry, this golden chrysoberyl will make anyone who appreciates gems say, "Wow!" It has the extraordinary luster for which this precious mineral is known, superior clarity and life, and is, in a word, brilliant! Measuring 23.87 x 12.04 x 9.48 milllimeters, this gorgeous elongated oval would make a stunning pendant or addition to a gem connoisseur's collection.

Custom designs available. We have a large collection of faceted chrysoberyl in our inventory. Please inquire for details.