3.53 Carat Aquamarine and Blue Sapphire 3-Stone Ring in 18k White Gold

A beautifully vivid aquamarine with bright, rich color and exceptional brilliance is featured in this gorgeous ring. Aquamarines with this level of saturated color are quite rare, especially as well-cut and well-proportioned as this gem is. Two lively, beautiful blue sapphire trillions are perched on either side of the center stone, highlighting the luxurious color of the aquamarine! Two blue sapphires flank the center stone. This ring is all about exquisite color and sparkle! Handmade in 18k white gold by our artisans in Los Angeles. 

Size 6.5
Complimentary sizing as needed.
Aquamarine, 11.03 x 9.07mm, 3.53 carats
Blue sapphires, 7.20 x 5.07mm, 1.69 carats total