4.71 Carat Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Sapphire, Spinel Yellow Gold Necklace

SKU NCK-1168

Rainbow moonstones exhibit multi-colored adularescence that is simply captivating, and we’ve captured one in this beautiful necklace for her. Handmade in 18k yellow gold by our Master Jewelers, this unusual gem is set with soft, billowy blue sapphire cabochons and vivid blue faceted spinels. This necklace will make her feel special everyday!

18k yellow gold chain measures __?___ inches in length
61 oval shape moonstone cab, 1100 x 9mm oval, 4.71 carat
6 round spinel 3mm 0.81 carat
6 oval blue sapphire 4.00x3.00mm 1.64 carat