81.59 Carat Rubellite Cabochon Oval Handmade Yellow Gold Drop Pendant with Chain

If you're looking for a magnificent pendant that is sure to turn heads, this handmade 18k yellow gold pendant featuring a stunning 81.59 carat rubellite tourmaline cabochon is just what you need! The rubellite is a beautifully-domed double cabochon with gorgeous proportions, excellent clarity and vibrant, pinkish-red color. A gemstone this fine needs just the right setting, so we made an exquisite 18k yellow gold setting with a crown-shaped basket and custom-made bail. This pendant is breathtaking from the side as well, as the frame that creates the prongs are actually an exquisite line of gold fleur de lis. This is an important statement piece that would be the crown jewel of any jewelry collection! 18k yellow gold chain included.

18k yellow gold chain measures 18 inches in length
Pendant measures 1-1/4 x 1" without the bail
Rubellite cabochon measures 29.50 x 21.00 x 15.50mm

Natural inclusions are characteristic of pink and rubellite tourmaline. Internal characteristics are magnified by photography. This is a very “clean” rubellite.