Antique Mother-of-Pearl Gambling Counter White Gold Drop Lever Back Earrings

SKU EA-1450
These pretty lever-back drop earrings feature round, antique mother-of-pearl gaming counters that have been bezel set in 14k white gold. Gaming counters, or "chips" such as these were originally carved in China for export to Britain, where they were used the way we use poker chips. These beautiful chips have lovely pearlescent luster and are intricately carved with bird motifs. The earrings are simple in design, yet elegant in appearance, and can be worn day or night! What a pretty way of showing appreciation for both history and art!

Measurements: 1/2" in diameter and approximately 1-1/8" in length.
These earrings match NCK-1164, our rectangular gaming chip pendant / enhancer set in 14k white gold. Pendant / enhancer sold separately.