Antique Mother-of-Pearl Gaming Counter and Kyanite Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold

SKU EA-1617
These gorgeous 18k yellow gold dangle earrings are set with hand-carved antique gaming counters that have been paired with royal blue kyanite cabochons for a look of cultured elegance and sophistication. Mother-of-pearl gaming counters were commissioned by the British during the 18th Century, and feature animals, flowers, and scenes depicting life in China, where these exquisite pieces of art were intricately carved by hand. The lustrous mother-of-pearl counters in these earrings show a pair of birds against an architectural backdrop showing a Chinese garden and are outlined in beautifully detailed, high-polished, 18k yellow gold frames. Precious blue kyanite cabochon ovals in 18k yellow gold bezels adorn the tops of these French wire earrings. Classy and refined, bold yet understated, these luxurious earrings are perfectly suited for daytime, evening, and formal attire. Not only are they beautifully versatile and historically valuable, these earrings make wonderful conversation pieces!

Earrings measure 3/4" in width and 1-1/2" in length (from the top of the kyanite cabochon to the bottom of the rectangular frame.