Antique Mother-of-Pearl Gaming Counter, Coral, Pink Spinel, Yellow Gold Pendant

SKU NCK-1223
This exquisite pendant features a true work of art - a gorgeous, highly-carved antique gaming counter set in 18k yellow gold and adorned with four coral cabochons and sparkling pink spinels! Gaming counters, aka gambling chips, are beautiful pieces of fine quality mother-of-pearl that were hand carved in China in the 18th and 19th centuries, then exported to Britain where they were used the same way poker chips are used in the United States. Highly-carved chips differ from their engraved counterparts in that this technique was used closer to the end of the carving period, closer to the 1850's vs the early 1700's, and there were far fewer highly-carved pieces made, compared to the engraved counters. While both styles depicted life and motifs popular in ancient China, highly-carved chips are much rarer than their engraved counterparts. This particular counter has incredible detail, and has been mounted in a handmade, 18k yellow gold frame that was custom-designed for this one-of-a-kind pendant. Delicate coral cabochons and bright pink faceted spinels add rich color and even more dimension to the exquisite gaming chip. Handcrafted by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles, this is a jewel from another time and a real conversation piece!

Pendant measures 2 inches in diameter
Necklaces shown are for inspiration only; each necklace is sold separately
Coral cabochons, 8.00 x 6.00mm, 5.37 carats total
Pink spinel, 5.00 x 4.00mm, 2.39 carats total