Bi-colored Green, Pink Tourmaline Beaded Station Necklace w/ Yellow Gold Accents

SKU NCK-1077
This unusual necklace features 395 carats of tourmaline crystal beads that have been hand strung with 22k yellow gold accents! The modified cylindrical shape beads are a collection of bi-colored and tri-colored tourmaline in a range of greens, pinks and colorless crystal blends. Each bead has been polished to showcase the natural hexagonal crystal structure of tourmaline and the unique coloration of this beautiful and precious gemstone. Hand-strung with 4mm pink tourmaline bead accents that highlight the pink in the larger crystals and 22k yellow gold spacers that accentuate the polish on the gems. This necklace is a gorgeous tribute to Mother Nature!

Necklace measures 25 inches in length.