Coral, Onyx and Yellow Gold Beaded Rope Necklace

SKU NCK-1085
This elegant coral, onyx and gold beaded rope necklace offers both a dramatic color combination and a versatile length for endless possibilities. Round red coral beads in varying sizes are arranged with round and oval onyx beads in an eye-catching station-necklace design. The onyx beads have either smooth or matte finishes, and are either smooth double cabochon or faceted beads. 22k yellow gold spacers add contrast and sparkle and are complemented beautifully by the ornate 18k yellow gold ball clasp. The necklace measures 60 inches in length and the clasp allows for the necklace to be wrapped several times for a myriad of different looks! It's like getting several necklaces in one!

Round coral beads measure 4.00mm to 6.00mm in diameter
Round onyx beads measure 10.00mm to 12.00mm in diameter
Oval onyx beads measure 12.00 x 10.00mm, 14.00mm x 10.00mm, and 18.00mm x 13.00mm