Faceted Lapis Bead Necklace with Yellow Gold Accents, 34 Inches

SKU NCK-1198
This strand of faceted lapis lazuli beads is a stylish way to bring elegance and color to any outfit! Featuring 3.00mm lapis beads with wonderfully rich, royal blue color, the facets on these gems catch the light beautifully and are complemented perfectly with 14k yellow gold rondel accent beads. Hand strung on silk thread and finished with a 14k yellow gold clasp. Necklace is a single strand measuring 34 inches in length.

Note: This necklace was photographed nesting with additional lapis strands of different lengths. The price shown is for one individual strand. This strand (NCK-1198) measures 34 inches in length. Additional strands, NCK-1197 measures 32 inches in length, and NCK-1199 measures 36 inches in length. Each strand is sold separately.