GIA Certified 13.73 Carat Yellow Sapphire Platinum Cluster Ring

This platinum cluster ring features an impressive 13.73 carat cushion-shaped yellow sapphire, set with blue sapphires and gorgeous pink tourmaline! The radiant center gem sparkles like the sun with its rich golden hue and extraordinary brilliance. Round cornflower blue sapphires outline the center stone, while pear-shaped, bright pink tourmalines add dramatic pops of color to the sides. This one-of-a-kind ring was handmade in platinum by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles. Wear a ray of sunshine wherever you go with this ring on your finger!

Ring size 6.5
Complimentary sizing as needed.

Yellow sapphire cushion, 13.73 carats, GIA Report #2151860838
Blue sapphire rounds, 3.62 carats total
Pink tourmaline pear shapes, 1.52 carats total