Kyanite Gemstone Bead Necklace with Diamond Rondelles, White Gold Clasp

SKU NCK-1185
This blue kyanite beaded necklace is breathtakingly luminescent with its gorgeous silvery white sheen and luxurious satin-like appearance! The 14mm translucent crystal beads have varying shades of rich, medium blue and have been hand-strung and knotted with royal blue silk thread. 18k white gold diamond-studded rondelles and textured 14k yellow gold spacers add sparkle that bring out the subtle brilliance of these unusual beads. The large, brush-finished 18k white gold ball clasp is the perfect finish for this necklace. Wear this blue-tiful strand day or night and add effortless elegance to any outfit!

60 round brilliant cut diamonds, 1.32 carats total