Loose Ethiopian Opal Lot, 3 Unset Ring or Necklace Gemstones, 13.10 Carat Total

SKU Loose Ethiopian Opal Lot
This set of loose gemstones, aka a "lot*" in the trade, has three unset Ethiopian opals in three different sizes! All three gems have a beautiful creamy white body color and exhibit lovely flashes of green, orange, yellow and the rarest of colors seen in opal - red! The gems weigh 13.10 carats total; all have high domes and beautiful outlines, making them perfectly proportioned to be set as rings or pendants! With your imagination, they could be anything!

*A “lot” refers to a group of unset gemstones. A “lot” price means that the group is for sale at a lower price than if they were sold individually. Our lots would be perfect for anyone who loves gems - jewelry designers who want to create their own pieces, colored stone aficionados who are building their collections, gemologists eager to study a variety of “stones,” and lapidaries honing their skills! In lieu of the Tucson Gem Show this year, we invite you to browse our inventory of exciting loose gems! Use your imagination to explore the beautiful and exciting world of colored stones!

Opals weigh 2.19 carats, 4.98 carats, and 5.93 carats