Natural Morganite Tile Bead Necklace with Persimmon Moonstones and Yellow Gold

SKU NCK-1325
This stunning statement necklace features gorgeous natural morganite tile beads in a lovely array of pink champagne colors! The gemstone tiles are accentuated by mesmerizing natural characteristics that add beauty and originality to each polished crystal. Morganite is the pink variation of the mineral beryl, making morganite a cousin to emeralds and aquamarines! This collection is hand strung on silk thread and arranged with 10mm persimmon color moonstone rondels and 18k yellow gold beads that elevate this necklace to true fine jewelry status. Finished with a 14k yellow gold jumbo lobster clasp, this necklace measures 25 inches in length and can be worn with a variety of necklines, all year round! A stunning piece of jewelry that makes a memorable signature piece!