Olive Tourmaline and Tsavorite Garnet 18k Yellow Gold French Clip Post Earrings

SKU EA-492
These earrings are a beautiful combination of bright and muted colors, featuring bright, spearmint-green, tsavorite garnets and mossy olive green tourmalines set in 18k yellow gold. The tourmalines have been faceted with an unusual and eye-catching checkerboard style, allowing them to exhibit extraordinary brilliance! These French clip earrings were handmade by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles and nestle the ear beautifully. We can also remove the posts in order to accommodate non-pierced ears. Neutral in color, yet fun and very versatile!

Green tourmalines, 8.00 x 8.00mm, 5.11 carats total
Tsavorite garnets, 4.00mm, .58 carat total