Rainbow Moonstone Handmade Yellow Gold Engraved Bezel Round Drop Post Earrings

SKU EA-1349

These captivating drop earrings are part of our Day to Night Signature Collection and feature gorgeous moonstones with beautiful adularescence. Adularescence, or "billowy light effect" is the optical phenomenon that occurs in moonstones when light reflects between layers inside the gemstone's crystalline structure. The glowing luster that results has the appearance of moonlight floating on water. Moonstones that exhibit rainbow or multi-colored adularescence are especially rare and highly prized. The rainbow moonstones in these earrings are absolutely stunning. They are set in handmade 18k yellow gold bezels, then outlined with a wider frame that has been hand engraved with an elegant leaf pattern. A beautiful and versatile pair of earrings that will go with just about anything in your wardrobe and can be worn all day and into the night!

Rainbow moonstone, 4.00mm round, .64 carats total

Rainbow moonstone, 7.00mm round, 3.27 carats total