Red Spinel Bead Graduated Strand Necklace with Yellow Gold Spacers, 21 Inches

SKU NCK-1074

This strand of fine quality spinel beads would be at home in a 19th century ballroom or a 21st century boardroom! Rich, pomegranate red oval rondelles have been hand strung with 22k yellow gold spacers and an 18k yellow gold clasp in an elegant 21-inch strand. I have never seen red spinel beads before! Spinels have often been mistaken for fine rubies throughout history and looking at this strand, it is easy to see why. The beads, graduating in size from 3.00 to 6.50 millimeters, are of the finest quality and very rare indeed. For a look of unparalleled luxury, this strand can be nested with one or even two additional strands of our spinel beads, as shown in the additional photographs. NCK-1072 measures 19 inches, and NCK-1073 measures 20 inches. Each strand is sold separately.