Round Falcon, Cat's Eye Quartz Necklace, Yellow Gold Accents

SKU NCK-1243
This 22-inch strand of beautiful 12mm cat's eye and falcon's eye quartz beads is so neutral that it can be worn with virtually any color. Cat's-eye quartz is cousin to the well-known tiger's-eye quartz, but displays greenish yellow and brownish green body color as a backdrop to its band of reflected light known as the "cat's eye effect" or chatoyancy. Falcon's eye, aka hawk's eye quartz, is another cousin that displays grayish blue body colors and a wavy "eye." This necklace boasts a rich collection of earthy colors in varying shades and tones that will look fabulous with warm and cool colors alike. These gorgeous beads have been hand strung on gold-colored silk thread, arranged with 14k yellow gold stardust spacers, and finished with a 14k yellow gold lobster clasp. The generous 22-inch length allows this necklace to be worn with a variety of necklines. Invest in yourself with a strand of luxurious beads that will provide a wonderfully versatile addition to your fine jewelry wardrobe!