Unheated 1.08 Carat Burmese Ruby Oval GIA Unset 3-Stone Engagement Ring Gemstone

SKU 1.08 Oval Ruby unset stone

This gorgeous, unheated gem is a perfect example of why Burmese rubies are so highly prized. With an electric purplish red hue and exceptional clarity, this 1.08 carat natural color ruby from Burma (also referred to as Myanmar), measures 5.91 x 5.13 x 4.23 millimeters and is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Origin Report #1156421542. It is perfectly cut and proportioned with exceptional brilliance and luster. This ruby is an ideal shade bright Burmese red - its color radiates back through the crown with no light leakage. A Burmese ruby, unheated, with perfect color, brilliantly cut with superior clarity - this gem has it all!

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1.08 ct

Width: 0.21 in. (5.13 mm)
Depth: 0.17 in. (4.23 mm)
Length: 0.24 in. (5.91 mm)