Antique Mother-of-Pearl Gambling Counter White Gold Monogram Pendant Enhancer

SKU NCK-1162
This reversible pendant / enhancer is a beautiful statement piece featuring a large, antique mother-of-pearl gambling counter set in 14k white gold. The round gaming counter has been intricately hand-engraved with a scene depicting life in ancient China on one side, and the monogram "J,P,R" on the reverse. Originally carved in China for export to Britain in the 18th century, these gaming counters, or "chips," were used the way we use poker chips. (Please refer to the images below for addition information on these fascinating works of art!) This particular chip has been set in 14k white gold that has been intricately engraved to complement the fine workmanship seen on the gaming counter. The reversible design allows either side to be shown, and the enhancer bail will accommodate chains, cords, or pearls / beads up to 4.5mm in diameter. For anyone who loves art, jewelry, and history, this is a gorgeous pendant that also makes a wonderful conversation piece!

4mm, 16-inch silk cord included.
This pendant measures 2" wide and 2-3/8" from top to bottom.