18.80 Carat Red Zircon Cushion, Unset Pendant Enhancer, 3-Stone Ring Gemstone

SKU 18.80 Carat Red Zircon Cushion
This unusually large zircon has a beautiful rose red color and exceptional clarity! While zircon is generally recognized for its bright blue variety, this December birthstone occurs in a rainbow of colors, including brilliant reds! Weighing 18.80 carats, this is an uncommonly sizable gemstone. It has excellent luster and measures 16.27 x 12.74 x 7.77 millimeters, giving it the face-up appearance of an even larger stone. Zircon is now accessible to more people than ever, and in rare colors and sizes formerly reserved for gemstone dealers and knowledgable collectors. This versatile and beautiful gem would lend itself to a variety of designs! Special jewelry begins with special gems!

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