19.34 Carat Blue Zircon Cushion, Loose Collector Gemstone for Ring or Pendant

SKU 19.34 Carat Blue Zircon Cushion
This brilliant, cushion cut gem checks all the boxes if you're looking for an unusually large, fine blue zircon to set in a ring or pendant enhancer! With intense "Windex" blue color and a beautifully proportioned shape, this beautiful zircon is simply stunning. It measures 15.53 x 12.33 x 8.87 millimeters and weighs 19.34 carats. It is an extremely lively stone, highly saturated blue color with a hint of a characteristic secondary greenish tint. A vibrant gem for a spectacular piece of jewelry! Custom designs available.

We have a large selection of unmounted blue zircon in our inventory. Please inquire for details.