4.72 Carat Pear Shaped Blue Zircon, Unset Loose Gemstone

SKU 4.72 Carat Pear Shaped Blue Zircon
This 4.72 carat blue zircon pear is exceptionally beautiful and will make a stunning custom-made pendant or ring! Zircon is one of the most brilliant, lively natural gemstone varieties. This gem has wonderfully intense "Windex" blue color and it is a perfectly proportioned pear shape. It is such a clean, crystalline gem! Zircon has a unique "doubling" effect when viewed under magnification or magnified by photography. (See photos of this gem) We offer complimentary design consultations and would be happy to help you explore the possibilities for creating something truly unique with this gorgeous gem!

Blue zircon measures 10.66 x 8.06 x 6.06mm