Spessartite Mandarin Garnet, 4.51 Carats

SKU 4.51 carat Loose Spessartite Mandarin Garnet

If you love the bright color of Mandarin oranges, this gemstone is for you! This brilliant, electric orange spessartite garnet is simply stunning! Weighing 4.51 carats, it is a beautifully faceted cushion cut with exceptional clarity, bursting with pure orange highlights! This gorgeous gemstone has a lovely shape that will lend itself to endless design possibilities. Any way you set it, you'll want to wear it everyday, even if your birthday isn't in January! A one-of-a-kind gem - worthy of admiration!

Garnet measures 10.34 x 7.69mm

Note: This garnet is eye clean with no visible inclusions. Photographs of this gem are blown up to a size where inclusions that are visible only under high magification appear in the photographs.