Unheated 3.05 Carat “Pigeon’s Blood” Ruby, GIA Certified

SKU 3.05 Oval Red Ruby

There is no mistaking what this stone is! This vivid red, gorgeous East African ruby weighs 3.05 carats and possesses the ideal and highly-prized “Pigeon’s Blood” color. It is extremely rare to find this level of exceptional saturation and intensity in an unheated ruby. This gem is a rich, red hue with slightly pinkish highlights and no secondary brown. It has superior clarity and is extremely well-proportioned , measuring 9.73 x 8.21 x 4.52 millimeters, with the face-up appearance of a larger stone. The accompanying Gemological Institute of America Report #2151640569 states that this ruby shows no indications of heating. This ruby would be stunning in a ring or pendant! A quintessentially perfect ruby!

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