9.91 Carat Tanzanite Emerald Cut, Unset 3-Stone Ring Pendant Enhancer Gemstone

SKU 9.91 Carat Tanzanite Emerald Cut

If there was ever a gemstone that could make you fall in love with emerald-cuts, this would be it. Weighing an impressive 9.91 carats, this extraordinarily fine tanzanite is absolutely spectacular. This gem has world-class tanzanite color - predominately rich blue that is well-saturated and intense, with vivid purple flashes. Measuring 13.36 x 10.21 x 7.55 millimeters, this extremely clean gemstone has been masterfully cut to exacting proportions in order to exhibit superior brilliance and luster. This gem will make you swoon! Forever jewelry begins with forever stones!

Custom designs available. We have a large selection of unmounted tanzanite's in our inventory. Please inquire for details.