1.42 Carat Tsavorite Garnet Oval, Loose 3-Stone Ring or Pendant Unset Gemstone

SKU 1.42 Carat Tsavorite Garnet
This tsavorite oval is an absolute gem! Whether you're looking for spring, summer, or holiday green, no other gemstone seems to capture the perfect shade of green for all seasons the way tsavorite garnets can. This gemstone is a stunning shade of medium green, resembling a fine emerald, but with exceptional clarity and life rarely seen even in the finest emeralds. Measuring 7.83 x 5.36 x 3.93 millimeters and weighing 1.42, this is an extremely well proportioned and an exceptionally brilliant gem. Lively, brilliant, clean and with exceptional color, this gem is worthy of a celebration - and you!

Custom designs available.
We have a large selection of unmounted garnets in our inventory. Please inquire for details.