1.62 Carat Tsavorite Garnet Cushion Unset Loose 3-Stone Ring Engagement Gemstone

This pretty tsavorite garnet is so bright and lively! The perfect shade of spring green, this gem measures 7.01 x 6.88 x 3.70 millimeters and weighs 1.62 carats. It would be beautiful set in a ring or pendant, is eye clean, and such a happy color! A decade or two ago, these unusual gems were well-known only to colored gem dealers, collectors and exclusive jewelers, but thanks to advances in technology, this lovely variety of garnet is now accessible to more people than ever. Treat yourself to a gem for the holidays - any holiday, like today!

Custom designs available.
We have a large collection of unmounted garnets in our inventory. Please inquire for details.

Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may appear magnified by photography.