15.45 Carat Semi-Black Crystal Opal, GIA Certified

SKU LU750310457882

This semi-black crystal opal with vivid, multi-colored “rolling flash” would be perfect for anyone who can’t decide which color gem they love most! Opals exhibiting intense play-of-color with clearly defined flashes across the color spectrum are very rare, particularly those displaying red. This unbelievable 15.45 carat gem displays vibrant red, orange, yellow, green, lavender, and blue flashes that shift kaleidoscopically through the stone like northern lights. Photos don’t do this extraordinary opal justice, as the double cabochon increases the dimension and intensity of its phenomenon. This stone is highly unusual, as its play-of-color is equally beautiful on both of its sides. There is really no "front" or "back" to this opal. It should be set so that both sides can be seen and enjoyed. Measuring 18.49 x 18.81 x 7.40 millimeters and accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Report #6147859124, this is a collector’s stone that would look spectacular in a custom designed pendant!

Custom designs available. Please send us a message to schedule a complimentary design session.

15.45 ct

Width: 0.73 in. (18.49 mm)
Depth: 0.3 in. (7.40 mm)
Length: 0.75 in. (18.81 mm)