3.11 Carat "Pigeon's Blood" Burmese Ruby Cushion GIA, GRS Unset 3-Stone Ring Gem

SKU 3.11 cts Cushion Purplish Red Ruby
This 3.11 carat Burmese ruby has exceptional pure red color, described as "Pigeon's Blood" in the trade. Burma (also referred to as Myanmar) has long been revered as the historic source for premier rubies, characterized by a radiant, slightly pinkish hue and “sleepy” appearance created by microscopic natural silk inside the stone. This gem is exceptionally well-cut; it faces up larger than gems of similar weight, but with no compromise on color because of the intensity of its color. This dreamy stone has vivid, rich color even in the absence of bright lights. It measures 9.53 x 7.46 x 4.54 millimeters and is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Origin Report #6157640561 and Gem Research Swiss Lab Origin Report #091984 stating that this ruby is from Burma (Myanmar).

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Note: Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may appear magnified by photography.