3.22 Carat Oval Yellow Sapphire Loose Unset 3-Stone Ring or Pendant Gemstone

SKU 3.22 Carat Oval Yellow Sapphire
This bright lemon yellow sapphire with its sparkling golden highlights will make a gorgeous piece of jewelry! It weighs 3.22 carats and is a pleasing oval shape with the face-up appearance of a much larger stone! This gem would be perfect in a low-profile ring that would allow the center stone to touch the finger. It is believed that when a person wears a yellow sapphire so it touches the skin, the sun's rays are able to pass directly through the stone to the wearer, maximizing the gem's astrological and healing powers. We specialize in custom designs and would be happy to create the perfect ring for you!

Sapphire measures 10.68 x 7.64 x 4.16 millimeters

Internal characteristics and natural inclusions are magnified by photography. This brilliant gem is eye clean.