3.66 Carat Unset Loose Pear Shaped Unmounted Tanzanite Gemstone

SKU 3.66 Carat Unset Loose Pear Shaped
This gorgeous 3.66 carat pear-shaped tanzanite has rich, deep color, which is seldom seen. It will make a stunning necklace or ring! It measures 9.79 x 8.16mm and has a perfect blend of blue and purple, leaving no doubt that this is a classic example of the highly prized gemstone from Tanzania, Africa. With rich color saturation generally seen in much larger gemstones, this beautifully proportioned pear would look spectacular accented with diamonds, or set alone in an 18 karat, one-of-a-kind piece! We specialize in fine gemstones and custom designs and will help you create something wonderful - just for you!