3.70 Carat Columbian Emerald, GIA Certified

SKU 3.70 carat Octagonal Emerald
This stunning 3.70 carat Colombian emerald measures 9.67 x 9.32 x 6.72 millimeters and is a vivid, ideal emerald green color. Highly saturated with a hint of blue, it is perfectly cut and proportioned with exceptional brilliance and clarity. It is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Report #6147858470 stating that it is of Columbian origin. This gem would be spectacular set as a classic 3-stone ring flanked by baguette cut or trapezoid diamonds!
Custom designs available. Please send us a message to schedule a complimentary design session.
Note: Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may appear magnified by photography.
We have a large selection of loose emeralds in our inventory. Please inquire for details.